Brian Porter Recounts the Life of Maj. James Morrow Walsh

From 2:00pm to 3:30pm at the Mallorytown Community Centre, Brian Porter will tell the story of Major James Morrow Walsh and his friendship with the famous Sioux leader, Sitting Bull.

James Morrow Walsh was born in Prescott, Ontario in 1840. Maj. Walsh was one of the first Mounties. He was assigned in 1875 to establish a post in the Cypress Hills in what is now Saskatchewan. Walsh developed a strong friendship with the famous Sioux leader, Sitting Bull, and successfully kept peace in the region. He died in Brockville, Ontario in 1905.

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Contact Organization: 1000 Islands River Heritage Society/ Mallory Coach House Committee. 613-659-3874

Date: Feb. 26, 2017
Location: Mallorytown Community Centre, 76 County Rd.5, Mallorytown
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