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May 15, 2014

When soaring high above the 1,000 Islands, the mighty St. Lawrence River appears to meander through lush greenery. Visitors get a bird’s eye view of the region’s opulent cottages and their sprawling grounds, while gaining a new perspective on the impressive spans of the Thousand Islands Bridge. Even Boldt Castle’s tragic grandeur is romantically remarkable when viewed from above.
The 1,000 Islands – seen like never before aboard a 1000 Islands Helicopter Tour.
Flying high over the 1,000 Islands offers a fresh perspective on the natural beauty of this Canadian treasure. Finding inspiration above the islands has never been easier, as high-class helicopter tours are now available at a new heliport just north of Gananoque, Ont.
The unique tours include three offerings. The 10-minute 1,000 Islands Helicopter Tour takes in Gananoque, Ivy Lea and private island homes that have proven mysteriously intriguing. Secondly, the Boldt Castle Tour whisks participants high above the legendary structure, showcasing the heart of the 1,000 Islands on an 18-minute breathtaking adventure. Finally, the 30-minute Two-Castle Tour, highlights romantic Boldt Castle as well as family-oriented Singer Castle, located on Dark Island.
This quality, unique 1,000 Islands experience is a subsidiary of Kouri’s Kopters, which has been operating based out of Kingston for three years. The parent company still provides aerial photography, videography, air taxi service and private charters, however sales and marketing director, Ewelina Sobala, said the 1,000 Islands area was beckoning.
“This is such a visually-stunning region; we thought it was important to offer another way of taking in the beauty that the 1,000 Islands has to offer,” she said. “We wanted the ability to be closer to the 1,000 Islands so we could provide this first-class experience.”
From the facility to the helicopter tour, and from customer service to obtaining an experiential video, Sobala said 1000 Islands Helicopter Tours provides a high-quality experience. “We’re affording people the opportunity to see life in the islands from a new perspective, in a first-class atmosphere,” she said, noting that tours are offered year round, not just seasonally.
1000 Islands Helicopter Tours is opened on May 17, 2014, based at a newly-constructed 1000 Islands Heliport at 88 Highway 32, just outside of Gananoque. For more information, call 1.855.855.4354 or visit www.fly1000islands.ca.
Looking for information about the 1,000 Islands or about reserving accommodation after your helicopter tour? Click on https://www.1000islandstourism.com/stay/.
Soaring above the 1,000 Islands – just one of 1,000 points of view.

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