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July 24, 2020

In today’s blog, we ventured out into our beautiful Town of Gananoque to take in some local attractions. The town has so many perfect spots to make the most of your time in the area and we’re going to tell you about three activities that we got the chance to enjoy!

Our first stop was at the Thousand Islands Boat Museum, located on the waterfront of Gananoque, which is a beautiful area to watch boats go by, swim, or even paddle board! The staff at the Boat Museum were extremely helpful and friendly; they got us all set up for our activities on the water and were great at explaining how to use the equipment. While we were there, we got to go stand up paddle boarding and had the opportunity to try using their St. Lawrence Skiff Boat on the river. Even as a first-time paddle boarder it was super easy to get the hang of – Paige was steady enough to stand right up and made it through without falling in even once! Paddle boarding gave us a different perspective on the water, and we loved every second of it!

At the Thousand Islands Boat Museum we also got to experience using their St. Lawrence Skiff Boat. The boat we paddled was handmade in Gananoque at the local high school back in 2014, modeled after ones that used to be used on the River in the 1800s. Sitting in the boat felt like going back in time! The St. Lawrence Skiff Boats were made specifically for the waters down in the St. Lawrence River because it maneuvered through the waters better and faster. Back then it was quicker to get from point A to point B by water because they didn’t have the same road systems as we do now. We loved the chance to learn a bit more about the history of the area and the boat’s importance on the river!

After we finished up at the Thousand Islands Boat Museum, we went to cool off at the Colonial Resort & Spa. The resort had amazing service and a quaint, getaway appeal. There are two pools available; one outside to enjoy the sunshine during the summer and one indoors. Both were perfect for relaxing and getting a chance to cool off on a hot day.

After drying off from your swim don’t forget to take a walk around in our amazing downtown to do some shopping, have a bite to eat or just to enjoy the small-town experience!

This article was written by the 1000 Islands Tourism Ambassadors: Kiana & Paige

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Alice - July 24, 2020

Hi, I am going to Gananoque with my friend this Sunday. I would like to do stand up paddling (SUP). Did you do it by yourselves when you were there? Or you joined a tour? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Alice

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