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1000 Islands Kayaking

110 Kate St, Gananoque, ON



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Kayakers paddle through a passage

Kayak in the beautiful 1000 islands

The most rewarding and refreshing way to experience the 1000 Islands! 1000 Islands Kayaking provides you with nationally certified guides for a multitude of kayaking programs: from day tours to camping to skills courses. Located in Gananoque, only minutes off Hwy 401 and smack in the middle of Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal – these kayak tours are ideal for a quick get-away.

World-class sea kayaking in the 1000 islands

A leisurely kayaking adventure is one of the best ways to experience this historically charming and ecologically rich area. Paddle among the islands and enjoy the wildlife while you reconnect with our living landscape, your partners and yourself.

The 1000 Islands region is an integral part of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve, a member of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. And, above all, it offers world class sea kayaking for all levels of paddlers.

Guided Half Day Tours (3 hours)

Each half-day trip begins with an introduction to your instructor, your gear and a brief on-water lesson. For the beginner, you will be introduced to new concepts and for the intermediate, your instructor will help you improve your stroke technique and provide helpful tips. Although our boats are very stable and comfortable, your guide will always be close to lend a helping hand.

Trips include… Touring kayaks and all safety equipment, certified guides with an introductory lesson at the beginning of the trip, dry bags to bring extra clothing and personal items

Guided Full Day Tours (7 hours)

No experience is necessary. Trips are designed for beginners and families, as well as more experienced paddlers.

Each full-day-trip begins with an introduction to your instructor, your gear and a brief on-water lesson. From here, you will navigate through the beautiful Admiralty Group of islands. Bring your own lunch as we will be stopping on one of the National Park Islands for a fresh air picnic. Before lunch, you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the natural environment, enjoying a relaxing hike or leisurely swim. When lunch is finished, your guide will show you some of their favourite island secrets.

Trips include… Certified guides, professional instruction, all necessary equipment, dry bags

Guided Camping Tours (2 or 4 nights)

Three Day Island Camping: Launch from their Gananoque facility into the Admiralty and Lake Fleet Islands for three days of paddling and two nights of camping in the St. Lawrence Islands National Park.  On day three you will return to the Gananoque facility. This exciting return trip is designed so you experience the secrets of the islands while never seeing the same area twice.

Five Day Expedition: Launching from their Gananoque facility you will explore the Admiralty and Lake Fleet Islands and beyond for five exciting days of paddling and four nights of camping on different islands within the St. Lawrence Islands National Park.  Your final takeout will bring you near Brockville, Ontario where you will shuttle back to their Gananoque facility.  This unique one way trip allows you to explore a larger area of the St. Lawrence.

Trips include… Certified guides, professional instruction, all necessary equipment, all meals and snacks except breakfast on day one and dinner on the last day, all camping equipment, except sleeping bags and mattresses




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