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Treetop Trekking 1000 Islands

1278 Thousand Islands Parkway, Mallorytown ON, K0E 1R0

(613) 923-1278


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Treetop Trekking 1000 Islands is located along the beautiful Thousand Islands Parkway between Gananoque and Brockville. The park was constructed in 2016 for the St. Lawrence Parks Commission and is bordered by the Thousand Islands National Park and Jones Creek trail to the northwest. It is a short, scenic drive travelling east down the Parkway from Gananoque and promises a day full of fun for the entire family!

The park features a number of aerial adventures for all ages including seven Zipline and Aerial Game courses for ages 9+, a treehouse Treewalk Village for all ages, but ideal for ages 3-7, three Discovery Courses for ages 5+ and Night Treks for ages 12+.

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