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Exploring Gananoque and the 1000 Islands by Air

July 16, 2020

In Gananoque there are some pretty cool options to elevate your trip to the 1000 Islands. From up above you’ll get a new perspective of this stunning area! Gain a true appreciation for the natural diversity spanning the St. Lawrence River region through a bird’s eye view.


Explore By Helicopter

Find high-class inspiration above the islands, as 1000 Islands Helicopter Tours whisks visitors into the sky in a luxurious setting. The tours focus on personalizing the island excursion while catering to clients and offering unforgettable views.

These flights are popular for those who want a truly special experience and they’ve been used for wedding proposals, memorable adventures with friends and family, weddings, and even with locals who want to see their own houses from a different angle. The possibilities are endless. 

There are five exciting tour offerings, each with its own unique theme:
  • The 10-minute 1000 Islands Helicopter Tour is great for those who are budget conscious. You’ll soar over Gananoque, Ivy Lea and see some intriguing private island homes. 
  • There is also a Boldt Castle Tour which elevates participants high above the iconic and breathtaking structure, showcasing this beautiful castle on a 20-minute adventure. 
  • There are two 30-minute tours to choose from: Aerial Views and Seaway Hues which highlights Boldt Castle and Singer Castle or the Kingston Tour which will have you flying over this historic city. 
  • For a truly spectacular journey, we recommend The Works. You’ll experience it all during this 1-hour flight that spans from Kingston to Boldt and Singer Castle. Discover forgotten ships and other lore about this magnificent area. 

Take it all in on the 1000 Islands Tower

Once back on the ground, take the family to count the islands from another vantage point: The 1000 Islands Tower. Located on Hill Island, the tower provides another unique point of view. Take the tower’s elevator up more than 130 metres to marvel at the 1,000 Islands region from every angle. 

Be Brave with Skydive Gan

Adventurous souls will be drawn to Skydive Gan(anoque) to experience the feeling of descending on the islands. Cross an item off your bucket list, while taking in some serious 1000 Islands eye candy! The family-run business has been throwing people out of airplanes since 1971, so they’re pretty good at it. And you don’t need any experience, they cater to all levels. 

Experience the 1000 Islands like never before – from the air! For more information about high quality 1000 Islands Helicopter Tours, visit www.fly1000islands.ca.

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