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Ice cream shops in the 1000 Islands🍦

August 16, 2022

Who doesn’t love a scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day?!? Here in the 1000 Islands, we have some amazing ice cream places that will surely satisfy your cravings!🍨


Mama’s Burger and Shakes…

This new restaurant offers a few different flavours of ice cream to choose from to allow everyone to be satisfied! New to Gananoque this year, Mama’s has been super busy serving up their amazing ice cream along with shakes and burgers!

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Banana Splitz…

Banana Splitz offers over 24 different flavours of delicious Kawartha dairy ice cream. A personal favourite of mine is the cookie dough! Experience the small ice cream parlor then grab a seat on the patio to enjoy your delicious ice cream!

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Pistachio Café…

Pistachio Café gives you a variety of homemade gelato! They also offer different vegan options as well to accommodate everyone. Offering more than just gelato as well, like sandwiches and soups!


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Pump House Creamery… 

The Pump house creamery gives you a variety of delicious ice cream flavours, gelato, and sorbets! The Pump house Creamery has a  unique feel to the building as well. New to town in 2021, The Pump House Creamery has made a significant appearance here!

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