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The beautiful 1000 Islands has a lively history of pirates, rumrunners and a barrage of shipwrecks. Step onboard an area cruise and learn about the fascinating history, see real-life castles or enjoy first-rate entertainment. When it comes to cruising in the 1000 Islands, there really is something for everyone.  

Rockport Cruises

Rockport is a picturesque village located just 20 minutes east of Gananoque that offers first-rate cruises. Rockport’s sightseeing cruises showcase all the major features of the islands including; Zavikon Island, Boldt Castle, Millionaire’s Row, Canadian Palisades, and the 1000 Islands International Bridge. 

Location- 20 Front Street, Rockport

Telephone # 613-659-3402

City Cruises Gananoque

City Cruises is the largest tour boat operator in the 1000 Islands that runs five triple-decker boats. With a large capacity they are able to provide a wide-variety of different cruises options including scenic tours, historic tours, dinner cruises, special events, fireworks and more.

Location- 280 Main Street, Gananoque

Telephone # 613-382-2144

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