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Hiking, Cycling and Cross-Country Skiing

Meander through the historical town of Gananoque or explore the natural beauty that surrounds the town. The Canadian Shield granite geology provides a picturesque landscape to discover, and offers many different routes for the hiking enthusiast.

Family cross country skiing in the winterMature Trail System

The Gananoque Trail system is made up of a 12 km perimeter hike that may be divided into three returns to the Trailhead loops, each offer an enjoyable hiking experience. Lions Loop is both bicycle and wheelchair accessible. If you are looking for something a little more rustic make sure you try out the Rogers or River Loops. Gananoque can also boast 6 km of being connected to The Waterfront Trail, which has been an instrumental part of Lake Ontario’s regeneration. Along it you will find a 740 km celebration of nature and culture – where peaceful countryside, small towns and big cities are linked in bringing Lake Ontario to this province’s residents and visitors, alike.


1000 Islands Parkway Trail

Renowned as one of the province of Ontario’s best trails, the picturesque paved stretch of the 1000 Islands Parkway provides an excellent opportunity to see the islands by being in the midst of their beauty and fascinating geological history. Visitors may hike or bike along the 37 km paved path that skirts the shoreline’s coves and bays on the waterfront. The 1000 Islands Parkway runs between Gananoque and Brockville and also forms a section of Ontario’s Waterfront Trail that will take you through small port hamlets like Ivy Lea and Rockport.

For more information and to download the waterfront trail map, visit www.waterfronttrail.org/gananoque

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Foley Mountain Conservation Area

The Foley Mountain Conservation Area can be found just north of the village of Westport and has 8 different trails to venture, ranging from low to medium difficulty. The trail system is home to the stunning lookout point of Spy Rock, where you can gaze across the Upper Rideau Lake and quaint village of Westport. Their Mobility Trail is wheelchair friendly, featuring a wide, crushed stone path, so everyone can enjoy the conservation area.

Address- 105 Foley Mountain Ln, Westport

Telephone # 613-273-3255

For more information, visit www.frontenacarchbiosphere.ca

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Gananoque Walking Trails

Gananoque offers many different options for enjoying a leisurely walk in this beautiful part of Ontario. Experience a walk through old Gananoque, meander along the riverside, or if you’re up for more of a challenge, take on a strenuous hike on the Wildwood. These walking trails have various lengths for hikers of all different experience levels. Stroll along the orange diamond signs for a casual experience, or follow the blue hikerman trail signs for a more intense 12km/4 hour walk.

For more information, visit www.gananoque.ca

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Jones Creek Trails (Thousand Islands National Park)

Part of the Parks Canada Thousand Islands National Park, the Jones Creek Trails offer a variety of easy to moderate trails weaving through the forest and natural wetlands. It’s a great area to spot the biodiversity of the region, with the multitude of habitats to explore there’s a great chance of spotting some local wildlife. With sections of boardwalk and lookout points, this trail system is perfect for the whole family to get outside and enjoy nature.

Address- 1231-1241 Thousand Islands Pkwy, Mallorytown

Telephone # 613-923-5261

For more information, visit www.frontenacarchbiosphere.ca

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Landon Bay Trail (Thousand Islands National Park)

Landon Bay offers the visitor a selection of trails with interesting environmental features.

Venture into the fields and forests to the osprey nest, beaver dam and pond alive with nature’s creatures. Signs and printed information guide you to the Lookout with its panoramic view of the 1000 Islands or through the mature forests and along the banks of Landon Bay and Halstead Creek. Spend an hour or all day walking the trails.

Address- 302-1000 Islands Pkwy

For more information visit http://www.frontenacarchbiosphere.ca

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Mallorytown Landing (Thousand Islands National Park)

Mallorytown Landing is home to a selection of low difficulty trails that are great for the entire family, cutting through wooded areas and wetland. The lower section of the trail system is accessible to visitors with limited mobility, allowing everyone the chance to get into the woodlands and get a taste of the rugged terrain that is featured throughout the Frontenac Arch.

Address- 1121 Thousand Islands Pkwy, Mallorytown

For more information, visit www.frontenacarchbiosphere.ca

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Marble Rock Conservation Area

Marble Rock Conservation Area gives hikers challenging and picturesque terrain, featuring breathtaking views at the lookouts along both the North and South Trails. The diversity of the biosphere is evident at Marble Rock Conservation Area, which is rich with flora and fauna. Deer, otter, beaver, blue heron, grouse, frogs, interesting insects and wild turkeys can be seen along the trail. Wildflowers, fungi, mushrooms, lichens, mosses, ferns and many species of trees including mature birch are sights to be seen throughout the conservation area.

Address- Marble Rock Rd, Gananoque

Telephone # 613-546-4228

For more information, visit www.frontenacarchbiosphere.ca

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Rock Dunder

Maintained by the Rideau Waterway Land Trust, Rock Dunder is one of the most iconic hikes in the Thousand Islands region. Featuring 230 acres of land and 3 different trails ranging from easy to difficult, this wilderness area boasts a stunning, panoramic view of the Rideau Waterway from the peak of the Summit Loop. A day pass for the area is only $10 and can be purchased prior to your hike at: Eventbrite.

Address- 72 Stanley Lask Ln, Morton

Telepohone # 613-305-3507

For more information, visit www.frontenacarchbiosphere.ca

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