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Lyndhurst Ontario, Canada

A quaint, rural village that will charm you with its old-fashioned flavour.

Lyndhurst is located on the Rideau Heritage Route. Each year, it welcomes thousands of seasonal residents and tens of thousands of visitors. It’s the perfect mix of heritage, culture and outdoor activities.

Most Known For

Lyndhurst is home to the oldest bridge in existence in Ontario. Constructed between 1856 and 1867, the bridge is now a focal point of the community.  It’s also widely known for Rock Dunder and its views of surrounding lakes and woodlands.

Exploring Lyndhurst

Lyndhurst, Ontario


Here, you can step back in time and embrace the area’s rich history while making the most of the great outdoors.


Enjoy small-town, “Mom and Pop” dining experiences that will charm you.


Cottagers and campers flock to the area during the warm summer months.

Lyndhurst At A Glance

Getting to Lyndhurst

Getting to Lyndhurst, Ontario is easy with its location just off Highway 15 and its proximity to major cities like Kingston and Ottawa.

  • 1 hour and 42 minutes from Ottawa
  • 3 hours and 36 minutes from Toronto
  • 3 hours and 8 minutes from Montreal
  • 2 hours and 4 minutes from Syracuse 

A map illustration of the 1000 Islands.

What You'll Love

Know Before You Go

Share your experience in Lyndhurst with your friends and family online.  

Lyndhurst offers a small boat launch into Lyndhurst Creek, which connects to Lower Beverly Lake.

Lyndhurst is on the Heritage Tour South driving tour.

As you drive around Lyndhurst during the summer months, be sure to take advantage of the roadside stands that feature local produce.