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1000 Islands Helicopter

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Soar Above the 1000 Islands with 1000 Islands Helicopter Tours

Have you ever been so excited, but then a little nervous at the same time? We know exactly what that was like when we got to experience the 1000 Islands from above with 1000 Islands Helicopter Tours! The tour was so exhilarating, and we would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat!

When we arrived to the helipad, there was a thorough explanation of all the safety precautions, which made us feel very safe and secure. There was even the opportunity for us to take a photo beside the helicopter before our flight!

Before lifting off the ground our excitement level was through the roof because neither of us had ever been in a helicopter before. Once seated and secure you start hearing the blades spin and get faster, and then all of a sudden, you’re hovering above the ground and soon up flying. Any fear that we had before vanished, and the only thing either of us could think about was how beautiful the 1000 Islands truly are!

While you’re up in the sky you are able to see the whole town of Gananoque, including Wolfe Island; you can see for miles in either direction and on a clear day you can even see the Adirondacks! We thought it was so cool to be able to see the shoreline turn into the deep waters of the St. Lawrence and we couldn’t believe how many islands we could see, some big and some small. You really get a full scale of how many islands there really are from up above! Depending on where you’re flying over, the water looks tropical and crystal clear; seeing right to the bottom in some parts. Fun fact! You can even cross over to the American side of the river and see Boldt Castle from the air without a passport, because they don’t land the helicopter in the United States.

The 1000 Islands Helicopter Tour offers a variety of experiences from short 10-minute flights and tours over famous landmarks like Boldt Castle, to totally custom private experiences. While travelling in the 1000 Islands a helicopter tour is a must do experience; you get the chance to see a perspective on the islands that will totally take your breath away and memories that will last a lifetime!

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This article was written by the 1000 Islands Tourism Ambassadors: Kiana & Paige

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