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Spending the day traveling The 1000 Islands

July 4, 2022

Spending the day traveling through the 1000 Islands and getting to experience the outdoors is an excellent way to spend any day! There are so many different attractions to see in the 1000 Islands.  We decided to start our day off by heading down the 1000 Islands Parkway towards Brockville. Treetop Trekking is a 30-minute drive from Gananoque. They offer so many different courses for all ages. Treetop Trekking is very accommodating to all age groups by providing a fenced-in area called “Treewalk Village” where children can run around and also climb with their parents. For the older children aged 5+, there is a course called “Discovery kids course”. Following that course is, which is geared towards children aged 9+ which is called “Zipline Aerial Game Trek”.

Treetop Trekking is currently offering a  “Schools out” special!

From July 4th-8th You can get 15% off the most popular adventures

Check out Treetop Trekking at-  https://treetoptrekking.com/park/1000islands


The second place we attended was the 1000 Islands Helicopter Tours. They are located 3 minutes outside of the North gates in Gananoque. The 1000 Islands Helicopter tours offer 5 different tours! We went on the 10-minute tour and got to see the 1000 islands from 1500 feet in the air. I thought that taking this tour was a great experience and I would definitely do it again!

10-minute tour- This includes:

  • Town of Gananoque
  • Wolfe Island and Wind Turbines
  • Howe Island and Ferry
  • 1000 Islands Ivy Lea bridge
  • 1000 Island Tower

The 20-minute tour – This includes:

  • Millionaire’s Row
  • Boldt castle- Alexandria Bay
  • 1000 Islands parkway

The 30-minute tour – This includes:

  • The sister Lighthouse
  • 1000 Islands Parkway
  • Boldt and Singer Castles

The 30-minute Kingston tour- This includes:

  • The town of Gananoque
  • Fort Henry
  • Olympic Harbour
  • Kingston Penitentiary

The 1-hour tour  “The works”- This includes:

  • Famous landmarks for the 1000 Islands
  • Boldt and Singer Castles
  • Forgotten ships and castles
  • Historical sites

To book your tour above the 1000 islands you can visit 1000 Islands Helicopter tours at- https://fly1000islands.ca




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