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Gananoque is your gateway to discover all there is to see and do in the beautiful 1000 Islands. Located approximately 3-hours from Toronto or Montreal and just 2-hours from Ottawa, or 15-minutes from the border crossing in Upper New York State. This picturesque community awaits with unique attractions and nature opportunities.

Featured Experiences

1000 Islands Helicopter Tours

See the most spectacular views from planned tours, custom charters and life-changing excursions. Experience a private helicopter flight with personal narration of the region by the pilot. The magnificent sights are a perfect photographic opportunity.

Canada’s Dockside Theatre

More than 40,000 attendees take in live performances at The 1000 Islands Theatre every year. Comprised of the Springer Theatre and the Firehall Theatre, the Playhouse is recognized as one of the top live theatre experiences in the province.

Cruising to Castles

Our local day-cruise tour operators provide a variety of themes and excursions among the 1000 Islands. You can visit a real-life castle, see the lavish homes on “Millionaire’s Row” or learn about the lively history or this area, complete with pirate tales and entertainment.

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An Ontario Gem: The 1000 Islands Region

In between the Montreal to Toronto corridor, there’s a small town in Ontario that is starting to make some big waves. That town is Gananoque and Mother Nature has bestowed upon it some of the most beautiful, natural sites in Canada: The 1000 Islands.
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Fun Facts About the 1000 Islands

Winter may be here, but our thirst for adventure has yet to be quenched. Ice fishing is a beloved winter pass time for all ages and walks of life. An age-old tradition that has become woven into the fabric of our collective winter-hardy heritage.
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Pirates! In the 1000 Islands

Ahoy maties, there be pirates in this water! The last sighting? About a hundred years ago, but their lively legacy lives on. From rum runners and pirates to majestic castles – the 1000 Islands is home to some of the best little known historical characters and stories. So batten down the hatches, you’re in for a pirate tale that’s as impressive as the Islands themselves. 
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One of the Best Live Theatre Experiences in Ontario

The 1000 Islands region effortlessly combines entertainment with culture. This area, known for being a historic playground for the rich and famous at the turn of the century is steeped in tradition. Today this balmy river breathes relaxation, enjoyment of life and a youthful playfulness.
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1864 Islands & 850 Rooms

Our accommodation partners are ready to welcome you. Comfortable and beautiful landscapes, historic spas, modern amenities with pools and luxurious resorts, we have a variety of different accommodation types to suit every mood.
“Daydreaming is inevitable in the Thousand Islands. It is amid some of the most spectacular scenery in the world – accentuated by rock, lush forests, and cobalt-blue water- that daring tales of pirates and Prohibition-era rum runners and romantic stories of self-made millionaires from the Gilded Age of the late 19th Century naturally come alive to transport you to another world.”

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