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Scuba diving in the 1000 Islands.

Shipwrecks & Scuba Diving

See for yourself why so many divers call this area the “Caribbean of the North.”


the number of shipwrecks in the 1000 Islands

250 ft

the total depth of the St. Lawrence River at its deepest point


the year the “Rothesay” sank in the 1000 Islands after colliding with a tug


Discover the watery graves of more than 1,800 ships, some of which date back to the War of 1812. You’ll also spot varied wildlife, billion-year old underwater mountains formed during the Ice Age, and much more. 

The conditions are ideal with the extreme clarity of the water, thanks to zebra mussels, which have cleaned up the river allowing for an amazing 70 feet visibility. 

The water temperature between the surface and deep waters are usually within a couple degrees of each other, making this a comfortable dive. Add in thick granite walls, 100-feet chasms and over 200 shipwrecks to explore and you can see why divers from all over the world travel here. 


Underwater Mountains

You can uncover the mysterious history of lost ships in the 1000 Islands. Or simply experience the amazing marine life that lives amongst the billion year-old underwater mountains left to us from before the flood of the Ice Age. 

Divers come from all over the world to dive into our underwater seascapes with granite walls that plunge from hundreds of feet deep to a few feet of shoals.


For many years, the St. Lawrence River served as a main shipping route between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Whether because of weather or shallow waters, many ships ran aground and sank.

Now, hundreds of years later, you can bring that history to life. 

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced diver, you’ll love traveling back in time and discovering our underwater world. 

Here are some of the notable shipwrecks that have found their final resting place in the 1000 Islands:
  • AE Vickory – 1861 wooden three masted schooner, sunk August 17, 1889
  • The America – steel drill barge, sunk June 20, 1932
  • Wolfe Islander II – 1946 80-foot long car ferry, intentionally sunk September 21, 1985
  • The Keystorm – 2300 ton English steamer, sunk October 12, 1912
  • Lillie Parsons – 2 masted fore and aft centerboard schooner, sunk August 5, 1877
  • The Muscallonge – 245 ton tug, sunk August 15, 1936

Abucs scubA Charters fleet of six charter boats runs two charters a day, 7 days a week from April to December. Book your Brockville, Rockport or Picton dive adventure!

Dive Brockville Adventure Centre

12 Water Street East,
(613) 345-2800

Thousand Island Pleasure Diving is dedicated to providing you with a fun, safe, and adventurous diving experience in the the Thousand Island and St. Lawrence region. All of our fun, friendly staff are trained in the latest safety and first aid techniques. We are the leading diving charter in the region, and guarantee your satisfaction on every outing.

All operations are carried out from the Boathouse Country Inn:

(613) 659-3943
19 Front St. Rockport ON.

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“This area is one of the signature tourism spots in Eastern Ontario and in Canada. The natural beauty is astounding with rock outcrops and the beauty of the thousands of islands.”

“This is the most beautiful place on earth. This is where heaven meets earth. You can visit is a hundred different ways and enjoy it just the same. Come by water, air or land. Enjoy a day paddling, swimming or fishing.”


“We didn’t really know what to expect, but our family was enchanted by the town, the scenery, and the region. We had planned a quick overnight stay, but ended up staying two nights and could have stayed longer.”


“What a beautiful part of Ontario. We drove along the Ivy Lea Parkway, stopped and had a picnic lunch, took a boat cruise out of Gananoque, and strolled along the waterfront in Gananoque.”


« Cette région a quelque chose pour tout le monde. Il y a d’excellentes possibilités de baignade et de navigation de plaisance, de bonnes randonnées pédestres et des pistes cyclables, des routes panoramiques à proximité et des tonnes de beaux endroits où passer du temps sur l’eau. »

“This area has something for everyone. Excellent swimming and boating, good hiking and cycling trails, scenic drives are nearby and tons of beautiful places to spend time on the water.”

Michael A.

“I could go back over and over again and still be amazed by this beautiful scenery. Not only can you go there to relax but there is so much to do such as kayaking, biking, walking, discovering, etc. It is a must!”


“There is no place like the 1000 Islands.We travel a lot and we are always trying to find a better place for the view but we have never been able to find it.”


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