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Landon Bay Lookout Hike

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1000 Islands Hiking Guide

Part of the Canadian Shield and Frontenac Arch Biosphere, 1000 Islands boasts countless hiking trails that highlight the natural beauty of the area. Please be sure to follow rules for each trail, and check for ticks following every hike if you’re visiting us in spring, summer, or fall! Enjoy this guide of our favourite hikes in the 1000 Islands!

Donevan Trail Loop – 1000 Islands National Park (4.3 km loop)

Located just 10 minutes east of Gananoque, Donevan Trail is a moderate hike with many unique points of interest along the way. A small detour will take you to Landon Bay lookout with beautiful panoramic scenery of the 1000 Islands (and a great spot to set up for lunch)! Further along the trail you will find the majestic Wishing Tree (c. 1850), a wonder to behold. Shortly after the half way point you will cross Kay’s Bridge that commemorates a local love story. A perfect place to enjoy the nature and local history of the 1000 Islands!

*Trail Map

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A view of the water from one of the 1000 Island's hiking trails.

Tallow Rock Bay Trail – Charleston Lake Provincial Park (11.1 km loop)

Just 25 minutes north of Gananoque, Tallow Rock Bay Trail highlights the best the Frontenac Arch has to offer! Hike through meadows, rock barrens, beautiful forests, and rock ridges along the shores of the Charleston Lake. There are points of access to various lakes every couple kilometres – perfect for bringing along a furry friend! Follow the trail clockwise to end with a gorgeous lookout point. This trail is best for seasoned hikers due to varying degrees of elevation and terrain.

*Trail Map

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A hiker makes his way up a trail in the 1000 Islands.

Marble Rock Double Loop – Marble Rock Conservation Area (10.6 km loop)

Just 10 minutes north of Gananoque, Marble Rock offers skilled hikers a trail with varied landscape and elevation. As its name suggests, this trail features exposed bedrock across the entire terrain. The trail is well-marked and has multiple picturesque lookout points on both the North and South trail loops. If you’re interested in a shorter hike, the South loop offers many of the beautiful features of the park! Be sure to wear shoes or boots with ankle support to help you traverse rocks and tree roots, and bring your bug spray if you’re hiking in the summer!

*Trail Map

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A forest in the 1000 Islands.

Rock Dunder Conservation Area (4.2 km loop)

One of the most popular trails in the area, Rock Dunder is sure to impress! Well-marked and well-maintained trails wind through mature forests that bring you to the summit of Rock Dunder, with an impressive lookout over the Rideau Canal Waterway. Stop along the shoreline at one of the benches to enjoy lunch with a view! This trail is suitable for beginners and experienced hikers alike.

*Trail Map

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Rock Dunder Hiking Trail

St. Lawrence Islands National Park – Hawk Loop (7.7km loop)

Tucked away just outside of Mallorytown, this lightly trafficked trail offers a diverse landscape for a moderately challenging hike. Wander through tall pine trees and alongside several creeks in the area. These trails are well marked and offer several benches along the way for lunch rest stops. If you’re looking for a longer hike, the trail system expands into many more kilometres of hiking opportunities!

*Trail Map

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A German Shepherd on a leash hiking through the 1000 Islands.

Foley Mountain Conservation Area – Foley Mountain Loop (6.1km)

Located 50 minutes north of Gananoque, Foley Mountain Conservation area includes over 10 kilometres of trail systems and boasts a beautiful lookout, varied trails, and picturesque scenery. The Foley Mountain Loop trail provides an opportunity to touch on most of the trails which guarantees an enjoyable hike! There are lots of benches along the way to stop and eat lunch. Make sure you don’t miss Meditation Point or Spy Rock Scenic Lookout.

*Trail Map

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A hiking trail through a forest in the 1000 Islands.

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